Climate Change Strategy

Our goal is to make the Fund more resilient to climate-related risk.  Our strategy, which applies to the NZ Super Fund’s entire investment portfolio, has four parts:

Reduce: we are working to significantly reduce the Fund’s exposure to both fossil fuel reserves and carbon emissions. These reductions will be achieved through ongoing engagement with companies, building carbon measures into the Guardians’ investment model, targeted divestment of high-risk companies and reduction of other relevant portfolio exposures.

Analyse: climate change considerations will be incorporated into investment analysis and decisions, for example into valuation models, risk allocation and manager selection.

Engage: we will continue to manage climate risks by being an active owner, including prioritising climate change engagements, developing our voting policy and directing our investment managers to vote according to our instructions on climate change resolutions. For more information, click here.

Search: we are intensifying our efforts to actively seek new investment opportunities in the areas of alternative energy, energy efficiency and transformational infrastructure.

Our climate strategy and the actions we take will evolve over time, as investment markets become more sophisticated on climate issues, and as more tools and data become available.

To find out more:

  • October 2016 Climate Change Strategy media announcement
  • August 2017 Carbon Reduction - passive global equities - media announcement
  • Responses to Official Information Act requests, and proactive information disclosures, relating to climate change and fossil  fuels.