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In February 2015 the Fund announced that it was one of a number of lenders taking legal action against the Bank of Portugal and Novo Banco.

As at 2018 we are continuing to pursue legal action in respect of this matter. As anticipated, the legal process will be a lengthy one.

Media Statements and Information


19 February 2015
27 February 2015
14 April 2015
10 August 2015
August 2015
November 2016
May 2017
  • NZSF confirms it has received leave to appeal to the English Supreme Court and is coordinating with the other Oak Finance investors in this regard.
April 2018
  • NZ Super Fund and the other Oak Finance investors agree to pursue the appeal to the English Supreme Court. The appeal is to be heard in April 2018, with the judgment to follow at a later date.
July 2018

Please note that further comments to the media about this matter will be limited due to the legal proceedings.