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The New Zealand Superannuation Fund invests Government capital contributions, and the returns from those investments, to contribute to the cost of paying superannuation entitlements in the future. 

New Zealand Super Fund
Level 12
21 Queen Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

P O Box 106607
Auckland 1143
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 300 6980
Fax: +64 9 300 6981

Speak Up Line

It is important to us that the Guardians and the Fund are protected from fraud, bribery and corruption.

If you identify any issue or action by us, or any of our staff or contractors that you believe may be an indicator of fraud, bribery or corruption, please alert us by contacting our Auckland office on 64 9 300 6980 and asking to speak to our Chief Executive Officer, General Manager Human Resources or Head of Internal Audit. You can also ask to speak with the Chair of our Board.

Alternatively, you can utilise a free, confidential 'Speak Up Line' service available via (worldwide), or 0800 123 508 (New Zealand), referring to Organisation ID NZSF2001.


We conduct our recruitment via an external recruitment agency and do not generally advertise current vacancies online. Those vacancies that are advertised online can be viewed here.


The New Zealand Superannuation Fund is not a KiwiSaver fund, does not manage individual superannuation accounts and does not have any involvement in determining eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation. We do not provide financial advice nor make pension payments to individuals, and should not be confused with the Government Superannuation Fund, which is one of a number of superannuation schemes for state sector employees.

For enquiries about New Zealand Superannuation:
Work and Income New Zealand; ph 0800 552 002.

For more information about KiwiSaver:

For more information about the Government Superannuation Fund:

For more information about New Zealand state sector retirement schemes: