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We are committed to being as transparent as we can about how we invest the Fund, its performance, and our decision-making processes. Here you will find links to key organisational publications.

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Portfolio Disclosures

We publish details of the Fund's listed equity holdings,
investments and external investment mandates on a
six-monthly basis.


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Annual Report

Our Annual Reports describe how the Fund has performed relative to its benchmarks and breakdown how our active investments have added value over the year. 



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This section contains a range of proactive and required disclosures.

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Photo of a snowy peak between two mountains

Papers, reports and reviews

A library of the Guardians’ papers, reviews, articles and other published reports.


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Here you’ll find all our policy documents, including the Statement of Investment Policies, Standards and Procedures (SIPSP). The SIPSP establishes the framework for governance and investment. Sitting beneath the SIPSP is our Responsible Investment Framework, and a suite of policies relating to the investment and operation of the Fund.


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Statement of Intent

Our Statement of Intent (SOI) and Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) provide an overview of the Guardians and its Funds. They provide information on our short (SPE) and medium-term (SOI) strategic objectives and how we will achieve those objectives.


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From time to time we make submissions on Government policy, with a focus on issues that are relevant to our investment mandates or directly impact the Guardians. Here you will find the past submissions we have made to legislative and regulatory bodies.


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