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In this section we will publish information not published elsewhere on our website that we consider to be of material public interest and likely to be requested under the Official Information Act.

Information may be withheld from proactive disclosures where we consider it to be protected, such as:

  • personal information
  • trade secrets or commercially sensitive information
  • information provided to the Guardians in confidence
  • ‘free and frank’ expressions of opinion
  • legally privileged information
  • information which, if disclosed may prejudice negotiations or commercial activities or give rise to an improper gain or advantage.

Our reasons for withholding information from documents proactively disclosed are noted in the documents as applicable. Proactively released information will generally only include information in its final form.


18 December 2018

Names and contact details have been withheld for privacy reasons.

Correspondence pertaining to the SSC Inquiry into the use of External Security Consultants:

August 2018

November 2018




15 August 2017 Released in full February 2017 Board Strategy Paper - Climate Change
15 August 2017

Names and titles of staff members have been withheld for privacy reasons. Costs have been withheld where these may be prejudicial to negotiations or knowing them could give improper advantage to other market participants.

A table on page 8 has been withheld, at the request of the supplier, for reasons of commercial sensitivity and competitive advantage.

April 2017 Board Paper - Carbon Reduction
17 October 2017

Names, titles and contact details of staff members have been withheld for privacy reasons.  Information has been withheld for reasons of privacy, confidentiality, commercial sensitivity and the potential to be prejudicial to negotiations.

CEO Remuneration 2017 - Correspondence. Includes background information.
18 December 2017

Names of staff members have been withheld for privacy reasons. Information has been withheld for reasons of confidentiality and commercial sensitivity.

Cannabis Exclusion Policy


Considerable information is disclosed elsewhere on our website, including:

Who are we and what do we do?

See NZ Super Fund Explained for:

  • our organisation Chart
  • profiles of Board members
  • profiles of the Leadership Team and management committee members
  • a summary of our purpose and mandate

What are our priorities and how are we doing?

See Publications and Performance for copies of our:

  • annual equity listings
  • annual reports
  • monthly performance reports
  • or returns vs the Reference Portfolio and Treasury bills
  • Statements of Intent and Performance Expectations
  • independent reviews of the Guardians and the Guardians’ responses
  • third party reports
Our policies and procedures

See Publications and Performance for copies of our:

  • Statement of Investment Policies, Standards and Procedures
  • investment and operational policies
  • Board Charter
  • NZ proxy voting guidelines
What we spend and how we spend it

See Publications and Performance for copies of our:

  • latest audited financial statements
  • gift and hospitality registers
  • CEO’s expenses, gifts and hospitality disclosures
  • annual cost benchmarking surveys



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