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John Williamson has been appointed Chair of the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation Board, replacing current Chair Catherine Drayton, who will step off the Board at the end of this week.

Ms Drayton joined the Guardians Board in November 2018 and was appointed Chair in April 2021.

Mr Williamson, whose term as Chair will begin on 1 March, joined the Guardians Board in May 2016, and has chaired the Board’s Employee Policy and Remuneration Committee since April 2021.

Mr Williamson said that as manager of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund the Guardians’ work affected all New Zealanders.

“Our purpose, sustainable investment delivering strong returns for all New Zealanders, sets out clearly and simply why we are here and who we are working for. That is a responsibility we take very seriously,” said Mr Williamson.

Mr Williamson said that under Ms Drayton’s leadership, the Guardians and the Fund had come through some very challenging circumstances with flying colours. 

Ms Drayton said it had been a privilege to serve on the Guardians Board, and being Chair when the Fund marked its 20th anniversary last year was a proud moment.

“To survive and thrive through two decades as we have done clearly demonstrates the Guardians’ ability to create significant value for the country over the long term. I am pleased to have played a part in that, and I believe John and the team will continue to build on what the Guardians has already achieved.”

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