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We publish monthly performance data dating back to when the Fund first started investing in 2003.

Each month we share a spreadsheet that you can download detailing:

  • NZ Super Fund return: The rate of return for the NZ Super Fund (after costs, before New Zealand tax).
  • Treasury Bill return: The rolling yield on 90-day Treasury Bills (representing the cost of government borrowing).
  • Net return: What the NZ Super Fund returned less the Treasury Bill return.
  • Reference Portfolio return: The rate of return for a low cost, passive listed portfolio of 80% equities and 20% fixed income (after costs, before New Zealand tax).
  • Value add: The NZ Super Fund's actual return less the Reference Portfolio return.
  • Net asset value (NZ$): The Fund's value (in New Zealand dollars, after costs, before New Zealand tax).

Download monthly performance data


Please note:

  • These figures are unaudited. For audited figures please refer to our Annual Reports
  • All Fund returns are quoted after fees and before NZ tax. Returns are measured on a 'time weighted' basis (monthly compounding). We measure on a 'time weighted' basis because we do not have control over the flow of cash in and out of the Fund.
  • From 1 July 2007, the Fund has applied New Zealand International Financial Reporting Standards (NZ IFRS), under which listed securities are valued based on the end of day bid price on the relevant exchange. In line with common market practice, performance continues to be reported based on last sale price.
  • Not all assets are valued on a monthly basis.
  • Prior to July 2010, the column showing the Reference Portfolio Return refers to a previous performance benchmark, which used a Strategic Asset Allocation methodology.