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Our Annual Reports describe how the Fund has performed relative to its benchmarks and break down how our active investments have added value over the year.




Annual Report 2022/23 

Cover of the FY2022/23 Annual Report

Annual Report 2022/23

GRI Index 2022/23


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Annual Reports include a Statement of Performance, which sets out how we performed against the strategic objectives set out in our Statement of Intent and annual Statement of Performance Expectations.

They also include a detailed overview of our governance and risk management processes, a dedicated responsible investment report, and a list of the external managers and custodians we used during the year. Annual Reports cover the year ended 30 June and are usually published the following October.

As part of our commitment to best practice disclosure we index our reports against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) criteria.

Global Reporting Initiative

We welcome feedback on our reports, send it to [email protected]