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How We Invest

Learn more about our investment beliefs and policies, Reference Portfolio approach to investing and process for appointing and monitoring external investment managers.

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Figures as at 31 October 2021
Purpose and Mandate

View our 2021 annual report or download a pdf.

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Animation Video Transcript – Our Purpose

Hi, I’m Joe and I just turned eight.

I love playing with my Grandpa. Grandpa always has time to play with me.

He says that’s because he is retired and gets his ‘super’ or pension payments from the Government.

Mum says that the taxes she and dad pay go towards paying for Grandpa’s pension, and when they retire the Government will give them a pension too.

But by the time my parents and I retire, there will be a lot fewer working people for every person in retirement.

With fewer working people to pay taxes, the Government may need to increase taxes by a lot, to continue to make pension payments to all retired New Zealanders.

That’s where the NZ Super Fund comes in. By investing wisely today, the Fund is building a nest egg to help make pension payments more affordable for the Government and for future taxpayers like me and my friends.

Having this nest egg will help ensure we can retire and get a pension just like Grandpa does today.

New Zealand Super Fund. Investing today to help meet tomorrow’s retirement needs.

Latest News

Responsible Investment

We integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our investment process and ownership activities.


Investment Performance

Get the latest Investment Performance figures here.


Climate Change

We factor the risks and opportunities stemming from climate change into our investment strategies and ownership practices. Our goal is to make the NZ Super Fund more resilient to climate-related risk.

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Elevate NZ Venture Fund

In 2019 legislation passed by Parliament established a fifteen year venture capital fund, administered by the Guardians under a new mandate, run separately from the NZ Super Fund.

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The Story of the NZ Super Fund

Created in 2001 after an extensive public and Parliamentary debate, the Fund is a way for New Zealand to save now in order to make future superannuation costs more affordable. It’s needed because New Zealand’s population is getting older.


A Sovereign Wealth Fund - Not KiwiSaver

The NZ Super Fund is a New Zealand Government savings vehicle to help pre-fund the future cost of universal superannuation. We do not manage individual retirement accounts and are not a KiwiSaver provider.

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