Estimated value
Fund size:
NZ Dollars
Rate of return P.A.
Before NZ tax, after costs
Value added
VS passive benchmark
Figures as at 29 February 2020 and since inception (30 Sept 2003)

How we Invest

Find out more about our investment beliefs and policies, 'Reference Portfolio' approach to investing and process for appointing and monitoring external investment managers.

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View our 2019 annual report.

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Responsible Investment

We integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our investment process and ownership activities.

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Investment Performance

Get the latest Investment Performance figures here.

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Climate Change

We factor the risks and opportunities stemming from climate change into our investment strategies and ownership practices. Our goal is to make the NZ Super Fund more resilient to climate-related risk.

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The Story of the NZ Super Fund

Establishing a global investment fund from scratch, and running it from New Zealand, has been a significant challenge. Click below to find out more.

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The NZ Super Fund is a New Zealand Government savings vehicle to help pre-fund the future cost of universal superannuation. We do not manage individual retirement accounts 
and are not a KiwiSaver provider.