Annual Reports

Each year we publish an Annual Report for the Guardians and Fund. Included in this report is a Statement of Performance, which sets out how we performed against the strategic objectives set out in our Statement of Intent and annual Statement of Performance Expectations.

Our Annual Reports describe how the Fund has performed relative to its benchmarks, and give a breakdown of how the Guardians' active investment decisions have added value during the year. They also include a detailed overview of our governance and risk management processes, a dedicated responsible investment report, and a list of the external managers and custodians we used during the year.

As part of our commitment to best practice disclosure we index our reports against the Global Reporting Initiative criteria.

Annual Reports cover the year ended 30 June and are usually published the following October.

Stakeholder feedback on our reports is welcome and can be sent to [email protected].

2018 Annual Report

The website provides a summary of the report and additional video content to support the commentary provided. Here, you can also download specific pages and sections of the report.

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To find out more:

Find out more about our strategic objectives and performance measures in our Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations.