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A white paper, prepared with insights from the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, has been published in association with the Focusing Capital on the Long Term (FCLT) initiative, of which the Fund is a member. 

The paper, Long-Term Portfolio Guide: reorienting portfolio strategies and investment management to focus capital on the long term gives practical guidance for the design, benchmarking and evaluation of investment portfolios oriented to the long term.

An essay, An Unshakable Belief in The Long Term by New Zealand Superannuation Fund Chief Executive Adrian Orr has also been published.  The essay is featured in Perspectives on the Long Term, a collection of articles from CEOs of institutional investors, asset managers and corporates addressing the benefits of sustainable long-term investing.

The FCLT’s members represent some of the largest global institutional investors, asset managers, and corporates that collectively recognise the disadvantages of excessive focus on short-term gains in the financial markets. The group advocates practical measures to encourage institutional investors to build long-term investment strategies and portfolios.

More information on the FCLT is available on their website.


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