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ESG considerations are integrated into all aspects of the Guardians' investment activities.

We focus on:

  • Developing guidelines to integrate ESG considerations across different types of investments
  • Ensuring effective engagement with our external investment managers and manager selection advisers as well as the companies we invest in
  • Being an active owner of securities in which we invest by exercising our voting rights
  • Considering investments which provide positive social returns in addition to the required financial return
  • Maintaining a robust analytical and decision making process in response to investee companies breaching our Responsible Investment standards
  • Benchmarking our performance against the Responsible Investment standards to which we aspire.

We consider ESG factors when we identify investment opportunities, assess investment risk, undertake due diligence and make decisions as an asset owner and shareholder. We also work closely with our investment managers to ensure the votes they make on our behalf our appropriate, and we aim to use our voting rights to promote best-practice corporate governance both in New Zealand and overseas.

Road-map for RI integration

We have developed a road-map to integrate ESG more fully into the Fund’s investment framework. The RI team is now embedded within the wider investment team and we have initiated RIAA RI Academy training for our investment professionals. In addition, we have also rated the RI strategies of our external managers, and embedded ESG considerations into our Risk Allocation process.