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Investing in transformational infrastructure for Kiwis.

Through our experience developing infrastructure investment opportunities and understanding how leading institutional investors are investing in infrastructure, we created the SuperBuild investment model to engage with government and industry and partner on delivering large-scale infrastructure and urban development projects in New Zealand. 

SuperBuild is an end-to-end investment and delivery solution. Our partnership approach covers the design, financing, build and operation for transformational infrastructure and urban development projects in New Zealand and works best for projects that need long-term vision, scale, and innovation.

To solve New Zealand’s infrastructure and housing challenges – we must be open to the best ideas from abroad. SuperBuild does not re-invent the wheel, it is similar to partnership investment models that have been successful overseas and is an approach that can sit alongside current delivery models to help bridge our country’s infrastructure gap. SuperBuild allows us to partner with both local and global expertise – by tapping into our network of peers with world-leading design and operational expertise and a track record of successful projects around the globe.

Under our model, once an infrastructure need is identified – this could come from government, council, business or other interest groups – NZ Super Fund and our partners then jointly agree the outcomes with key stakeholders. The NZ Super Fund and partners then manage the project from end-to-end, with collaboration from relevant Government agencies, bringing accelerated delivery. An important component of the model is the partnership with the local infrastructure market. Through open and transparent procurement, the opportunity for local service and construction partners is significant. Importantly, the projects will be majority Kiwi-owned and the returns on the Fund’s investment go back into the pockets of all New Zealanders.

We are creating awareness of our model now so potential partners, be they the Crown, iwi, local government or the private sector, understand how we operate, how opportunities can be identified or created, relationships developed and ultimately get scale infrastructure and urban development projects built. 

Read the SuperBuild brochure