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Consistent with New Zealand Government COVID-19 advice and in order to protect our team, all Guardians staff are working from home until further notice.

Our technology and internal systems are fully operational and investment activity is continuing normally.

While our physical offices are closed, we are engaging with our business partners via phone, email and video conference. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are highly confident in the technology and internal systems we have in place to continue our investment activities, as well as our team’s ability to adapt to remote working without disruption to the organisation or our business and investment partners.

We will continue to review our approach as the situation evolves and will keep our stakeholders updated.

Investment Environment

Global equity markets are extremely volatile, with substantial day-to-day movements. As a long-term investor with no substantial withdrawals until the 2050s the NZ Super Fund is well-positioned to ride out the current market volatility.

For more information about our investment approach please see:

We publish daily estimates of Fund size on the home page of our website and monthly performance updates are provided, on approximately the 20th of the following month, at: These figures are unaudited.