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Transparency and quality public reporting are critical to maintaining stakeholder confidence in the Guardians and Fund. We have adopted an approach of being as transparent as commercial sensitivities allow about our investment approach, the Fund's performance and our organisation in general. We aim to keep our stakeholders well informed about what we do and why we do it.

Transparency is also an important compliance requirement for the Guardians, given our legal obligations under the Crown Entities Act, Official Information Act and other New Zealand legislation, together with the legislated requirement under our own Act to avoid prejudice to New Zealand's reputation as a responsible member of the world community.

Our comprehensive public reporting is supported by internal reporting from management to the Board and from our investment managers and Custodian (banker) to management.

Public reporting

The following documents and sources are key components of our public reporting framework:

Our disclosures section also contains a range of information that we release publicly in line with Government standards for Crown entities.

Government reporting

We report to the Minister of Finance each quarter on:

  • the performance of the Fund
  • any important investments
  • any other important activity – such as employing new senior staff or new investment managers – undertaken during the quarter.

We also report to the NZ Treasury each quarter. This information contributes to Treasury’s production of the Government’s accounts and economic data.

We report to a Government Select Committee on an annual basis or as required, and make these documents available on this website in our disclosures section. We also answer Official Information Act requests and Parliamentary questions.

We also operate on a 'no surprises' basis with Minister of Finance, as required by the Minister's Annual Letter of Expectation.

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