Internal Reporting

Board Reporting

We provide the following reports to the Board on a regular basis:

  • reporting against portfolio risk limits and compliance;
  • reporting against counterparty creditworthiness and liquidity;
  • progress reporting on Strategic Plan change initiatives;
  • progress on implementing value add investment activities;
  • Fund performance including value add contribution;
  • the total value of all of our derivatives and the size of our counterparty exposures;
  • health and safety;
  • Guardians and Fund financial statements;
  • public affairs/communications; and
  • human resources - engagement, recruitment, wellness, staff.

Investment Manager Reporting

External managers provide regular performance reports to us, as agreed in their Investment Management Agreement. These reports are typically quarterly.

As set out in the Externally Managed Investments Policy, managers are required to provide us with documents including:

  • their external audit report (if completed)
  • any licence they are required to hold (when renewed or changed)
  • their insurance certificates
  • their Anti-Money Laundering policy.

See our Investment Managers section for further information about our monitoring of our external managers.

Custodian Reporting

The Master Custodian holds all the Fund's financial securities and is the finance book of record, independent from the Guardians and our managers. The Custodian reports to us on:

  • compliance with the Fund’s mandate, including active and passive breaches of the investment guidelines in external managers' Investment Management Agreements
  • compliance with the Fund's exclusion list
  • the total value of all of our derivatives and the size of our counterparty exposures.